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Press Release: embeds next generation AI across its impact measurement and storytelling platform, making alignment to the Sustainable Development Goals accessible to all organizations, a product of, a key Microsoft gold partner in the nonprofit and Entrepreneurship for Positive Impact ecosystem, has launched a new product release that empowers social impact organizations and nonprofits to accelerate impact measurement and transparency through next generation AI and alignment with the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals. is an online app built for social impact teams that need to measure the impact of their work and share it with stakeholders. The app, powered by AI, is used by global sustainability and corporate social responsibility corporations, private foundations, and nonprofits.’s was built with direct input from users and is backed by decades of technology delivery experience in the social impact and nonprofit market. At its core, it solves the gap impact teams have for tools that empower them to design more effective programs, efficiently measure impact and understand results, and transparently share impact stories with investors, consumers, employees, and donors.  “Impact program managers, data analysts, and impact officers are frustrated with the existing data collection offerings. As a result, more than 75% still use spreadsheets to run their programs and manage their data, explains co-founder, CEO and industry veteran, Dan Lammot.  

We launched two years ago with the vision to empower organizations at the front lines of humanity’s greatest challenges to do more good by providing an easy-to-use, guided experience from program design to measurement to storytelling. This dramatically simplifies impact measurement, decreases the number of tools required to summarize results, and makes storytelling part of the process, rather than an afterthought. Right now, we offer the ability to align your projects and indicators with the SDGs, and we'll be adding IRIS+, GRI, and Europe's CSRD in 2024 and 2025. 

This latest update includes visual and functional "wow" to increase organizational capacity to design programs and share impact. Key updates include: 

  1. Let AI draft your impact project from a website link: Creating a new project in has never been simpler. Simply copy and paste the URL from a webpage or your organization's website and paste it into’s AI project creator. In seconds, will auto-generate a new draft project with a title, project summary, challenge statement and proposed solution.  

2. Align impact measurement to the Sustainable Development Goals and SDG icons: For the first time, it is now possible to align your organization’s impact projects and your indicators with the SDGs and SDG indicators, respectively. You can link your projects with one or multiple SDG goals and your indicators to individual SDG. The SDG icons appear in visually notable places across the app, including the project homepage. Now, you can physically link your organization's impact to the most familiar global impact standard and track your contributions towards the movement.  

3. Record and share “Insights” across projects: We've taken's qualitative notation functionality—Insights—to the next level.  Say goodbye to static project reports in Word and hello to dynamic project reporting. At any point during your project, use the project-level Insights functionality to document critical updates, risks, decisions, and learnings that you can share with internal and external stakeholders.    

4. Let AI suggest indicators: Knowing whether you’re asking the right questions and measuring the most effective results is one of the impact sector’s greatest challenges. With this release,’s AI will suggest indicators based on the context of your project so you can ensure you’re collecting the right data. This can save significant time during program design and greatly increase the effectiveness of your programs by ensuring your efforts are aligned to what works.  

5. AI-powered indicator setup: We’ve experienced first-hand how challenging it is to set up indicators correctly.  And we know how critical it is to ensure the efficacy of your impact projects. With the simple click of a button,’s AI will auto-generate a draft indicator definition and data collection method and suggest the data type and unit of measurement for your indicators. This feature saves you time, reduces stress, and eliminates the tasks that remain bottlenecks to beginning your crucial project work.  

This announcement comes as prepares for its international expansion next week as one of this year's selected exhibitors at the ChangeNow Conference in Paris, the largest event of solutions for the planet. We will be exhibiting in-person at the Accelerate the Ecosystem area – stop by if you’re in town!  

To learn more about, you can visit the website to start a free trial or book a demo directly. 

### is a growth-stage software company dedicated to improving the efficiency and transparency of nonprofit impact by leveraging the world’s most innovative technology. Based in Puerto Rico with operations in the USA and a global customer base, is recognized internationally for its commitment to challenging conventional ‘wisdom’ to create solutions of consequences that solve humanity’s most pressing issues and is a leading Microsoft partner in the design and development of the Common Data Model for Nonprofits launched in 2018. They are also a Microsoft Cloud for Nonprofit partner, Microsoft for Startups partner, Entrepreneurship for Social Impact Partner, SoftwareONE Partner, and NetHope Corporate Partner.  

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