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All the tools to help you and your investees be successful

Craft Your Impact Stories

Whether you’re kicking off your project or wrapping up, compose, collate, visually-enrich, and share your impact stories using our AI-backed story builder.

Design Your Programs

Whether you're a seasoned portfolio manager or new to the field, confidently and efficiently design your next project in our AI-powered, visually engaging digital whiteboard canvas.

Understand Your Data

Log data against your indicators to bring your project to life. Effortlessly visualize and analyze your data to gain valuable intelligence which drives decision-making and enhances project outcomes.

What the Experts are Saying

" addresses pain points commonly expressed by complex nonprofits: to create a platform that raises awareness and accessibility of quantitative results joined with compelling stories, and makes it accessible to program designers, field workers, fundraisers and supporters alike while fostering collaboration amongst them."  

Alan Levine, Principal

Barker & Scott Consulting

" is on the cutting edge of technology and their application of AI on their platform is going to help project managers and reporting officers across organisations communicate their work better."

Roderick Besseling

Social Impact Data

& Analytics Expert

" is super user-friendly which made it easy for me to find value in it right away. The way it combines data functionality with storytelling has been helpful to better understand my own work as well as communicate the results and impact."

Mercedes Fogarassy,

Social Impact Program Design & Data Expert 


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