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CSR Teams need to tell better impact stories

Because of the urgent challenges facing humanity and our planet, consumers, employees, and investors expect companies to be a positive force for change in addition to delivering great products that people love to consume.

This force for change is known by the word “Impact” – which describes how a company’s actions affect people and planet.

The problem is that it takes an average of 2 months to compile data and content to publish an impact report. Worse yet, less than 1% of companies have the knowledge and tools required to efficiently and transparently measure and report on their impact.

Until now, there hasn’t been a sign-up and go impact reporting equivalent to quickbooks, which made mandatory financial reporting accessible to the masses of small companies. This is why we created, to make impact measurement and digital storytelling easy, fast, and cost-effective for corporate social responsibility (CSR) teams.

Instead of taking months and thousands of dollars to create manually:

1. You can be up and running in seconds by subscribing online at

Picture of's registration page

2.'s digital coach guides you step-by-step through the program design and impact measurement process using industry best practices:

Picture of results charts

3. Then you drag and drop data, narrative, and compelling pictures and videos into’s story builder templates:

Picture of story builder

4. ...and with the click of a button, publish impact stories directly to your customers and champions on social:

Picture of story published confirmation

That’s what we call “Impact Storytelling” – combining data, narrative, and visuals to share how your organization's actions improve people’s lives and our planet. See how you can tell better impact stories today with and sign up for a trial at

Picture of story board that brings all impact stories together in one place

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