top of page recognized by X4impact as the top nonprofit tech solution in Latino Leadership Category was recently recognized as the top ranked nonprofit tech solution in the Latino Leadership category of the X4Impact Top-Ranking 2021 Solutions. We are humbled by and grateful for this recognition, and thank our co-founder and Chief Experience Officer, Lina Pérez, for leveraging her voice, talents, and technology to improve the state of the world.

The list comprises the most popular tech solutions featured in the X4Impact Tech Directory. Learn more about it here:

  • - a storytelling platform for nonprofit and social impact teams built by, a Microsoft Tech for Social Impact and Global Social Entrepreneurship partner and contributor to the Common Data Model for Nonprofits

  • X4Impact 2021 Top Solutions - a list of X4Impact's top solutions by category for 2021

  • X4Impact Latino Leadership Category - a list of X4Impact's solutions in the Latino Leadership category

  • X4Impact Directory - a list of all solutions on X4Impact

About X4Impact

X4Impact is an online market intelligence platform for social innovation with insights to create and scale technology for the public interest. In less than a year, X4Impact became the largest online marketplace for Tech for Good Solutions and the leading intelligence platform for the nonprofit sector in the US. It aims to become the "Gartner for Social Impact," providing data and insights to raise awareness of opportunity areas and the social landscape in the US. Our technology processes billions of social impact data points to help nonprofits, social innovators, academia, and investors build the social impact organizations of tomorrow. To learn more, visit

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