Chart a path from strategy to story. 

How much more impact could you have if your program design system was easy to use? What if it was unified across the program lifecycle from theory of change to results? And imagine if it was powered by a storytelling engine that could move your organization and supporters to action?  

We think that would be pretty special. And we call it


Built for program teams with consumer-grade design 


Enables real-time collaboration with team members and stakeholders 


Scalable to any size team–

from small orgs doing big things, or big orgs with many small teams.  


Collaborate with your team in the whiteboard to brainstorm your strategy, visualize a theory of change, and map key stakeholders. 



Project Management

Co-create projects with a modern logic model that includes goals, objectives, activities, indicators, measurements, budget and tasks. You and your team can manage and adapt your project by including all stakeholders from input to outcomes. 


Design, build and edit beautiful stories about projects and stakeholders. Then publish to the world’s social networks and across digital channels to move people to action.  Backed by data and learning, these stories will mean more than ever before.