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Your AI-Powered Impact Tools

You bring the grit and industry expertise, and we’ll bring the tools, deal?


Please allow to be the helping hand in your impact measurement journey—not because you need it, but because you deserve it. We’re here to help you amplify your impact, starting today.

The Data Essentials

Log Your Data

Let the system work its magic once again to auto-create a data entry table that matches your timelines and indicator definitions. On each indicator’s dedicated page, enter data for each reporting period, or simply copy and paste data from your Excel sheet into the indicator’s dedicated data table. Yes, it’s that simple!

Align to the SDGs

Use to easily align any of your projects and indicators to the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals so you can elevate your impact to the global standard.

Analyze & Visualize Your Results

We promise that the days of fighting with Excel to create the perfect chart are now over. will auto-generate beautiful graphs in just seconds from your indicator’s data. Download your graph to use in an email or presentation, or—wait for it—just sit back and relax because (spoiler alert) with just a few clicks, you can pull your snazzy chart right into one of our story templates.

Open Book.

The Story

Tell a Meaningful Story in Minutes

Compose an impact story that moves people to action:

  • Use one of our pre-defined templates

  • Craft your own combination of narrative, images, videos, and results charts OR

  • Utilize AI to auto-generate a draft in seconds.


Then, easily leverage content that you’ve already written elsewhere within our platform to craft your narrative. Finally, publish your impact story to the most popular social networks to share your amazing work with your key stakeholders and the world.

The Supporting Tools

Tasks & Budget Tracking

We know you have a lot to keep track of, and we’re here to help you stay on top of it all. View tasks both within and across projects, and see tasks assigned to you or those you’ve assigned to others. Moreover, set project budgets, log transactions, view visual breakdowns of your spending, and see where you’ve gone over-budget.


Further streamline your project by linking project activities to specific tasks and budgets. It’s never been easier to manage work and funds inside your program delivery framework!

Document Storage

Attach documents to projects (we know, nothing fancy) and attach documents DIRECTLY to an indicator! Regardless of where documents are uploaded, they will all appear in your project’s Documents section, creating a seamless and streamlined experience.

The Extras You Don't Want to Miss


Insights let you record, tag, and share notes, decisions, stakeholder feedback, observations and any other piece of qualitative information you want to capture throughout And it gets even better! Insights are easy to view in a central panel across the app and in stories, so you can write once and share everywhere.

Simplify results aggregation by standardizing your impact framework. Create reusable Goals, Objectives, Activities, Indicators and Dimensions in’s Project Elements section, and add them to any Logframe or Project Whiteboard within your team, and reuse them as many times as desired.

Global Libraries

Try fully-featured, free for 30 days.

Computer Programming

Create Your Project

Copy and paste key text from a proposal or, hey, even your website's URL, and, in mere seconds, will auto-generate the foundational elements to get your project off the ground and running.

We have all the buildings blocks that you’ll need to design a project framework that you, your team, and your stakeholders can all get behind. Drag and drop all the pieces you need from our Impact Palette onto the Whiteboard canvas, or utilize our AI functionality to create an awesome first draft of your project’s design.

Need a hand crafting some solid ideas for your project framework? We can help! 

Design Your Project

The Design Essentials

Perform Some Content Magic

Feeling good about your project's design?


With the click of button, push all content from the Whiteboard canvas to the Logframe where you’ll be able to define your indicators using best practice standards. 

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