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How much money could you save if your impact measurement tools were easy to use? What if an app could summarize results for you? And imagine if it was powered by a storytelling engine that keeps stakeholders informed and moves your organization and supporters to action! 

Impact Measurement + Storytelling = Impact Storytelling

We think that would be pretty special. And we call it


Easy to use because changing the world is hard



Scalable from small orgs doing big things to big orgs with many small teams. 

Enables real-time collaboration with team-members, funders, and partners


Collaborate with your team in Whiteboards to brainstorm your strategy, visualize a theory of change, create a stakeholder map or jot notes to inform and adapt your project approach.

Drag and drop the Goals, Objectives, Activities, and Indicator building blocks on the Project Whiteboard to create a results framework which can be auto-converted into a Logframe with the click of a button. Yes, it’s that easy!

Concrete Texture

Share Impact Stories

Creating an impact story has never been easier, and you don’t need to be a graphic designer (or a copywriter) to do it efficiently and effectively!

Use one of our pre-defined templates, or craft your own combination of narrative, images and/or videos, and results charts to compose an impact story that moves people to action. Leverage content that you or your team members have already crafted elsewhere in the system and easily drag and drop it into your story to save time. Or, utilize the new ChatGPT functionality powered by OpenAI to auto-generate a draft of your story in seconds. Then publish your impact story to the most popular social networks and other digital channels to share your amazing work with your key stakeholders and the world.


Define your indicators using best practice data standards in the Project Logframe. Let the system work its magic to auto-create a results entry table that matches your timelines and results definitions. On each indicator’s dedicated data entry page, enter results for each reporting period, then toggle to the Chart tab to see auto-generated graphs in seconds.


Insights let you record, tag, and share notes, decisions, stakeholder feedback, and observations throughout Is there an assumption tied to the timeframe for your project’s activities? Has a decision been made as a result of an outcome? Do you have a testimonial that should be shared? ‘Insights’ is the right place to record this narrative information. And it gets even better! Insights are easy to view in a central panel across the app and in stories, so you can write once and share everywhere. 



Standardize your impact framework across programs no matter the size of your team by logging creating and sharing reusable Goals, Objectives, Activities, Indicators and Dimensions in the with Project Elements section.

These standards can be pulled inadded to any Logframe or Project Whiteboard within your team and reused as many times as possible. The ability to use standard indicators becomes key especially when aggregating results data across projects.

We make it easy to align your programs to the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals so you can elevate your impact to the global standard. Additionally, we know that many organizations subscribe to the SDGs, and their organization’s projects and goals are aligned to one or more of the SDGs, targets and indicators therein. Use to track your organization’s progress toward your selected SDG targets, as the full library of SDGs indicators are integrated into


Stay organized and on-task with our Tasks and Budget functionality.

Look at tasks within a project or across all projects, see tasks assigned to you or those you’ve assigned to other people. Kick off budget creation by setting your project’s currency, with the option to select from a variety of popular currencies, including U.S. Dollars, Euros and British Pounds.

Set budget amounts, log transactions, see auto-created visual breakdowns of your spending, and see where you’ve gone overbudget. Further streamline your project by linking activities from your Logframe to specific tasks or Budgets, and add Insights to your Budgets to explain the nuances of your project spending. It’s never been easier to manage work and funds inside your program delivery!

Try fully-featured, free for 30 days.

Keep all your project documentation stored right inside your projects with the Documents tab. It’s also possible to upload indicator-specific documents directly to an indicator from its results page! Regardless of where documents are uploaded, they are all accessible from the central Documents tab, creating a seamless and streamlined documents experience.


Upcoming releases will enable even more robust document functionality: attaching documents to other places in the interface, opening and editing documents whereby changes are saved directly back to, listing links to documents which live in 3rd-party applications, and simultaneously searching content across multiple documents that have been uploaded to


Computer Programming

Let AI be your trusty sidekick while you're off saving the world. Generate fresh, reliable story content and more—almost instantly—with's  new functionality, powered by OpenAI. now utilizes artificial intelligence (AI), powered by OpenAI's GPT, to enable automatically creating new projects, telling stories and interpreting data, and drafting project frameworks in seconds—yes, seconds. As a social impact professional, you're busy solving some of the world's biggest challenges and helping some of the world's most vulnerable populations. Keep doing that, and allow the power of technology to help you document and share your work with the world. All you have to do is simply copy and paste text that you already have, and click a couple buttons. We'll take care of the rest.

AI-Powered Content Generation 

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