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Product Demo: Build Impact Programs with AI

🎙️ Product Show and Tell Series

A collection of insightful and demo videos from our team members to you so you can learn how to design impact programs with the help of AI.

📣 Welcome to EP1: How to fall in love with impact measurement and AI

 😵‍💫 First, we get you. Measuring the impact of your programs is cumbersome, tedious, and spread all over spreadsheets (pun intended 😋). But just because it's always been done that way does not mean it cannot be changed...and for the better!

That’s why we are on the mission to make impact measurement easy and accessible, starting with ensuring your measure the right goals, objectives, activities and indicators.

Watch our software engineer, Jack Crawford, showcase how you and your team can build better and more insightful impact programs with a little help of our friend, AI. 

Here's what you will learn:

1) Copy and paste any URL into and generate a program and project summary.

2) Generate a project whiteboard with AI and get a draft proposal for your goals, objectives, activities, and indicators.

3) Turn the whiteboard into a logframe to easily access all your program inputs and create the framework for setting up your indicators. 

P.S. EP2: Tuesday, June 11.

P.P.S is a proud product of

To learn more about our AI-powered storytelling capabilities:

Thursday, Junes 6, 11am EDT: & Fundraise Up: Driving Donations Through the Power of Stories 

### is a growth-stage software company dedicated to improving the efficiency and transparency of nonprofit impact by leveraging the world’s most innovative technology. Based in Puerto Rico with operations in the USA and a global customer base, is recognized internationally for its commitment to challenging conventional ‘wisdom’ to create solutions of consequences that solve humanity’s most pressing issues and is a leading Microsoft partner in the design and development of the Common Data Model for Nonprofits launched in 2018. They are also a Microsoft Cloud for Nonprofit partner, Microsoft for Startups partner, Entrepreneurship for Social Impact Partner, SoftwareONE Partner, and NetHope Corporate Partner.  

About, a product of is a AI-powered SaaS platform helping nonprofit and social impact organizations track and measure their impact data and showcase how they are connecting dollar to outcomes though stories that move people to take positive action. is chosen by organizations like Inditex, INE, The Buhl Foundation, and more impact driven organizations.

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