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Improve data quality with's new Global Dimensions!

We’re very excited to announce that this release includes Global Dimensions, or the ability to create dimensions once and pull them into different indicators within the same project or across projects.
Not only do we anticipate this being a huge time saver for users, but it will also assist with consistency in reporting within and across projects. Please see below for details.

A. Project Elements

Global Dimensions: It’s now possible to create Dimensions within Project Elements which can be reused within and across projects.

  • As with the other items in Project Elements, only Team Administrators can create, edit and delete Global Dimensions; non-administrators can read, but do not have these other permissions.

  • Once Global Dimensions (and disaggregates) are created, they are immediately viewable on any indicators within the Logframe. However, if data has already been added to an indicator, new dimensions/disaggregates cannot be added to that indicator.

NOTE: Global Dimensions currently cannot be pulled into Global Indicators; this is an enhancement expected imminently.

B. Bug Fixes and Minor UI Improvements

  • Projects Page: The system retained the character count for Project Summary even when creation of that project was abandoned. The system now resets the character counter if project creation is abandoned.

  • Projects Page: Clicking ‘Add to Program’ when creating a new project no longer shifts the entire screen vertically.

  • Overview: The ‘Save’ button is now visible regardless of the number of characters entered in the Proposed Solution text box.

  • Logframe: Inconsistent buttons no longer show up on the Indicator Setup screen. Users either will see Complete Setup for indicators that need required fields to be completed, or Save once they re-enter the Indicator Setup screen after all required fields have been completed.

  • Logframe: Duplicate reporting periods no longer exist for SDG indicators.

  • Logframe: 404 page no longer appears when initially trying to add an SDG indicator.

  • Logframe: Dimension names were not showing up on the chart if a space existed in the dimension name. Dimension name can now have spaces without issue.

  • Logframe: Reporting Frequencies of ‘Semi-annually’ and ‘Annually’ were updated to read ‘Semi-annual’ and ‘Annual,’ respectively, on their corresponding charts’ x-axes.

  • Logframe: On the charts, the word ‘Value’—which represents the total amount recorded during any given reporting period—has been updated to ‘Total’ for clarity.

  • Logframe: Dimensions were assuming a value of 0 for the last disaggregate in a data table for all reporting periods that didn’t have data entered; this caused a ‘flat line’ effect on the corresponding graph for this one disaggregate.

  • Tasks: Long activity names were truncated in the Activity dropdown menu in task cards. Tooltips have been added so that the full activity names are legible.

  • Stories: After adding a logo to a story, the corresponding button now says ‘Remove Logo,’ instead of ‘Add Logo.’

  • Stories: When adding a logo, it’s now possible to horizontally mirror the logo using the horizontal mirroring control until another control was first clicked.

  • Project Elements: Button styling is now consistent among different dialogue screens within Project Elements.

  • Project Elements: When adding global goals and activities, the detail screens now say ‘goal’ and ‘activity,’ respectively, instead of ‘objective.’

  • Team Administration: Language has been updated so that all instances of Team Mate say Team Member, for consistency.

C. Backend and Security Updates (Private)

As always, please continue to share your feedback and let us know if anything is not functioning in the platform as expected. Thank you for your ongoing involvement and insight as we strive to design and build the best we can for you and your social impact colleagues around the world.

With gratitude,

the team

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