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5 insights from meeting with 5 women in social impact

by Isabella Pérez Torres, disruptor


While working at, one of my responsibilities is to expand my network so that I can connect and create opportunities for meetings with nonprofit leaders. To fulfill this accountability, I used my local network to connect with notable leaders in the social impact and nonprofit industries. As a result, I was able to gain more connections and insight into the "third sector" in Puerto Rico. Over the past few months, I talked with many professionals in Puerto Rico and the United States, including five women who gave me the gift of their time over a shared meal.

They provided me with motivation, inspiration and honest feedback about work and life experiences. I am extremely grateful to threshold for letting me expand my network in such a unique way and for the five outstanding women that taught me the big simple things in life. To pass the knowledge they gave me forward, I am presenting you with 5 short phrases that are small but mighty and bring power to any conversation or life experience.

  1. Have grace

  2. Enjoy the good times & prepare for the bad times

  3. Be purposefully grateful

  4. It’s the curveballs that make life interesting

  5. Always be open minded to new opportunities


Life can be hard, but it is also all about perspective. You get to choose what hill to die on, or you can choose to have a picnic and enjoy the sun. Without the curveballs we wouldn’t enjoy the milestones of our lives. All in all, be grateful for what you have, enjoy the present even if it’s good or bad, and smile, it neurologically makes you a bit happier.

Now, I have the incredible opportunity to take what I have learned and apply it in design competitions, club leadership, ergonomics courses and many more areas in my life at The Pennsylvania State University. Specifically, I am excited to see everything that comes my way with the new perspective I have acquired during my time at, which is social impact lenses that enable me to make things accessible to many instead of the few.

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