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Program Teams

Time is your most precious resource. Your technology should make it easy for you and your team to do the work and share the transformative stories of change you co-create with participants so you can do more of what you do best — change people’s lives.   

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Create & adapt theories of change

Results from output to outcome

Manage end-to-end projects

Tell authentic stories about your projects


Strategy should be directly linked to execution — not hidden in PowerPoint slides, strategic plans or flowcharts. b.world’s whiteboard closes this gap by enabling you to collaboratively define your long-term goals, visualize a theory of change from what is to what could be, and map a path to results.  


Project Management

The work you do requires coordination — now more than ever. Harmonizing and tracking project implementation, budget and progress across locations and time is not a spectator sport. b.world’s project management suite, backed by best practice project management process, enables you to co-create and manage projects that engage all stakeholders across the project lifecycle.

Logframes, Indicators, & Results

Aligning project goals, objectives, activities, indicators and measurements takes cooperation and transparency. Technology should facilitate this adaptive process. b.world’s logic model, based on the sector-defined Common Data Model for nonprofits, sets a new standard for establishing and evolving your logframe in a collaborative workspace that ensures visibility for all stakeholders. 



b.world’s story builder and publisher enable you to combine narratives, data and learning outcomes with beautiful, authentic pictures that tell the real-life story of your organization’s impact and engagement with beneficiaries, then publish those stories to the world’s social networks and across digital channels. b.world stories turn everyone into a designer that can tell inspiring stories that move people to action.