b.world for

Communication Teams

Transparency is critically important. Your technology should make it easy for you to inform and inspire your supporters based on the real-life work you do. b.world combines a designer-grade story builder and publisher with the key outcome and stakeholder information you need to develop and execute on your communications strategy. 

Team Meeting

Tell stories authentically

Shared project profiles

Engage stakeholders


b.world’s story builder and publisher enable you to combine narratives, data and learning outcomes with beautiful, authentic pictures that tell the real-life story of your organization’s impact and engagement with beneficiaries, then publish those stories to the world’s social networks and across digital channels. b.world stories turn everyone into a designer that can tell inspiring stories that move people to action. 


Project Profiles 

If you don’t have visibility to program planning, implementation and adaptation, you can’t share the outputs and outcomes with internal and external stakeholders who expect to stay connected to your work and your mission. b.world project profiles provide transparency across program delivery from strategy through execution, ensuring you’ll always have a real-time view within your team. 


It’s a challenge to keep the people and organizations that support your programs informed throughout the project lifecycle. In b.world project teams can record and engage all stakeholders based on their relationship to the work you do - so everyone remains on the same page and you can share stories with the right people at the right time.