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Impact Measurement & Storytelling Made Easy

Impact measurement is the new navigation system for teams that protect people and planet. But the organizations that tell the best, most authentic stories unlock resources to drive impact. Whether you're a foundation, social enterprise, CSR/ESG, nonprofit, or social impact consultancy, will help you combine impact measurement and storytelling to amplify your voice of change.  

Impact Measurement + Storytelling = Impact Storytelling


Using, it is now easier than ever not only to manage your own portfolio, but to collaborate with your grantees to help them build capacity through effective program design, impact measurement, and storytelling. 

Use’s Whiteboards tool to educate your grantees about designing and creating an effective theory of change and results framework. And utilize the Project Elements section to craft a library of re-standard, usable indicators, objectives and other key project elements which can be used over and over again, not only saving you and your grantees’ time, but also becoming a means of calculating aggregate impact across projects.  

Moreover, with the option to share projects across teams, you can feel confident that the right people have access to the right projects at the right time, and that you can easily collaborate with your grantees and other partners in a secure space. As your projects progress you'll be able to keep track of progress within individual projects and across your portfolio—no reporting required! 

Visualize your results in real-time via beautiful graphs and charts which the platform auto-generates, and easily pull them into’s Story publisher—a space where you can drag-and-drop project content into stories about your challenges, collaboration, milestones, participants, or purpose and publish with a click of a button. 

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